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What We Do

Outdoor Experiential Education

The difference at Prairie Learning Center is connecting with kids and nature. From gardening, tree planting and grounds-keeping, to helping our farmers and ranchers; from hiking, camping, fishing, and horseback riding, to observing the native plants and animals, students and staff share in a bond with the earth. This “grounding effect” provides a stable, healthy foundation, tying together all aspects of the program and ensuring a better opportunity for success in life after graduation from the Center.

The utilization of the outdoors gives the kids a chance to develop a sense of mastery based on their own efforts. The outdoor activities are geared at learning to take responsibility for themselves. Our rural setting and the use of local resources has given kids an opportunity to experience peace and space from chaotic and confusing environments. The goal of this program is to challenge and help kids find out what is the cause of their behavior problems, and to teach them to reach their goals in ways that are not destructive to themselves or others.

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